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Our mission at SewnByShiv is to make sustainable fashion available to every person.

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Garment workers are often subject to poor and even dangerous conditions in the fast fashion apparel production industry. Here at SewnByShiv, our garments are designed, developed, cut and.. well.. Sewn By Shiv. All of the garment production takes place in Midleton, Co. Cork, and the garment inputs, fabrics, zips, threads etc., are all sourced from other awesome companies that assure the workers involved have a voice, earn a living wage and work under safe and proper conditions. We are maintain close relationships with our suppliers to ensure total transparency and authenticity through the supply chain of each product. This allows us to fully let you know "who made our clothes" at each stage of the supply chain, and ensure positive social and environmental impacts by our products.

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Our planet is at the forefront of every decision we make here at SewnByShiv, from our designs to our fabrics to the production to packaging. While we know we are not perfect, we strive to incorporate maximum sustainability into each and every one of our garments. Our garments are made from sustainable materials, such as deadstock textiles, pure organic fibres and low-impact materials. We do not believe in producing clothing at the cost of our planet. We want to create and inspire beauty, not destroy it.

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While SewnByShiv garments are made more ethically than most of the fashion out there, they also happen to be rather cute. We produce fashion in sizes uk6-uk18, with a 1.5cm allowance in each seam, allowing for the garment to be tailored to fit every body, not any body.

We release limited edition collections, starting with small quantities of each product. We only make more if there is a demand for it based on direct data and feedback. This allows us to avoid wasting resources and maintain exclusivity, so no one will be at the party wearing the same dress as you. We like to make you feel special.

Being naked is the most sustainable option. We like to consider ourselves a close second. 

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